Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Note From My Desk: A Small Classroom Business

I was very fortunate for years to work in a system that gave us money for Community Instruction. With all the budget cuts, the money is 1/4 what it was several years ago. Also my class is 1/4 larger. We have made little crafts throughout the year and sold them to staff and family to fund some community outings. Scrapbook tools work awesome for the kids. For Valentines Day we sold carnations for $1.00 each. The kids cut tags, rubber stamped them, and glued little hearts to them.

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will work with each other using soft voices.
  • Students will follow directions.
  • Students will sort items according to color.
  • Students will demonstrate fine motor skills by gluing and rubber stamping.
  • Students will measure ribbon and tie it on tags and flowers.
  • Students will communicate with peers when taking orders and handing out flowers.
The sale was a huge success. We plan to do it again next year. In the very near future, we will take the kiddos to Ci Ci's Pizza for a community outing.

350 Carnations came in that teeny tiny box. The students trimmed the stems, and the adults fluffed the petals.

These tags look so pretty and colorful. I'm so thankful we did this community job. Here are some links about community based instruction for your reading pleasure.

Link I
Link II
Link III

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