Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Blog... One Word and Reader At A Time

Suzie Harris at Bienvenue wrote about her thoughts at Blissdom '09. It really resonated with me. What I took from the post is, find your voice, find your brand, and be true to yourself. The rest will follow. Blogging takes time. I've tried for two years to maintain two blogs and it does not work for me. I thought I needed to keep my love for teaching separate from my love of home and family. I really hadn't thought about it until last nigh when I read Suzie's post. That said, I'm going to maintain my Cafe Class Blog. It's who I am. I am creative, I am a teacher, I love my kiddos(students). I must combine my passions into one effort. They really do go together. Although I don't have children, I work with children. I love my home, my honey, my pups, and I want to share about all of them. All of me. I'll be working on transferring my sidebar items from De-Ja Brew to this blog, my passions all combined. The title works for me... my love of coffee, my love for my classroom, and my love for a little "class" in my life.
Thank You Suzie!

All my best,

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