Monday, January 28, 2008

Spelling Assignments

I teach vocabulary words from the seasons, current events and general education classes. I like words that promote rich language discussion, vivid imagery, and words that can be represented by pictures. I use two web-sites to generate some of the "paper" tasks for practice. They are Teaching Made Easier, and Ed. Helper.
From Ed. Helper, I make the word search, flashcards, find the word that's spelled correctly, and a master list.
From Teaching Made Easier I make a three part puzzle match, rainbow words, write the word five times each.
Both sites have great activities and I change some of them depending upon the level of the students.
I put the words on cards that may be recorded for sound. I write the words on one-inch graph paper and laminate it. This adapatation helps the students who have organizational problems.
My hands-on acitvies include,
  • put letter beads on pipe cleaners, good fine motor activity too
  • use yellow letter tiles to spell words
  • flash cards, laminated, math clothespins with letters, good fine motor
  • small tiles with different letter fonts, I call it "Mixed Up-Letters"
  • Intellitools
  • Type on Computer
  • Write the vowels in red and the consonants in blue
  • rubber stamps
  • stencils
  • first letter cut from a magazine or a newspaper
  • clay snakes, good fine motor
  • word sort by first letter, guided reading activity

Winter Clothing List: mittens, scarf, socks, earmuffs, hood, P.J.s, boots,coat, gloves, cap, and sweater.

Frist Week or February: Valentine, February, pink, red, purple, kiss, from, heart, love, to, card, hugs, rose, and candy.

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