Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't Repeat the Same Insanity...

I believe it is critical to teach the classroom routine. It starts day one, and I move through the day, some times weeks, teaching as I go. It ideally cuts down on disipline issues and problems in the future...
I teach my behavior expectations.
I teach where things belong.
I teach organization.
I teach procedure.
I teach self-advocacy.
However, this year has been a challenge to put it mildly. I'm sure it did not help that my father became ill right before the holiday season. I had to be out for a week with him, and several other days for his appointments. Then the holiday madness began...
During my "WINTER" break, I thought about my return to school with dread, yes dread. I did not want the same things "bugging" me that bothered me prior to break. "I am the adult and I am the one with the degree." I reminded myself. It's my responsibility to match my instruction and approach to learning to my students' needs. (Not vice virsa.)
With a burst of energy, a ton of paper, some laminating, and word processing, I revisited some of my old practices. I also gave up on some methods that weren't working right now. (File them for later.)
We are starting new assignment sheets and some picture schedules. With that said, let the Center Stations begin. Oh, I also am making those really cool Mini-Offices. They are a great match for centers or work jobs.
Pictures to come soon.

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