Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vocabualy List One

I have a slightly different philosophy about vocabulary and site words for my students. I believe safety words are important, but they do not provide rich language activities and class discussions. Consequently, I use words from current events and words used most frequently in the students' daily conversations. This list incluedes words that describe activities in the classroom. These words allowed me to discuss the class routine and rules. It really helped the students to learn the classroom procedures. ( We cover a list of words every two weeks.)

  • island ( part of my behavior plan)
  • numbers (writing numbers to 100)
  • words (reading and speaking new words)
  • message (language story on the board every morning)
  • calendar
  • chart ( point for responsible behavior)
  • calculator
  • treasure (behavior plan)
  • math
  • read
  • pencil
  • notebook (contains messages)
  • computer
  • add
  • folder (all loose paper go in it)

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