Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Full Caulk Board

The power of visual supports in my classroom have become invaluable to me. It amazes me what the kids to do and understand with some simple visual supports. It's very important to me that they present themselves as middle schoolers...
Yes, we have toys.
Yes, we work on puzzles.
Yes, we do simple crafts.
Yes, we work on functional skills.


Yes, we work at our desks, put things in folders, and follow whole group instruction too.

This year, more than ever, I have all the things we are working on for the week clipped to the board in the front of the room. When I ask them to get something out, it's right there for me to show them. It's also an added bonus for sub plans too. All the instructional material hangs in clear view. Method: I simple give the direction and point or hold up what I want the students to get from their desks. Benefit: It helps the students to be more independent. They are also proud of their accomplishments. I often hear, "see Mrs. Alwine, I have it!" That is such a great feeling and accomplishment. Here are some photos:

Item one is a spelling worksheet. Item four is the calendar we fill out everyday. Item five is the story of the week from News-2-You. Item six is our spelling dictionary. Every students has two binders. Each one has a different label.Hopefully this helps illustrate what I am talking about. Please ask questions if you wish.

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  1. Visual is the most important part in my opinion!
    You are in the right path!