Monday, September 15, 2008

Twenty Things Children Need for School

The local newspaper, The Elkhart Truth, had an interesting article about what children truly need for school. (Sunday September 7, 2008) It listed 20 things:
1. A #2 pencil and a willingness to erase.
2. A respect for themselves and others.
3. An awareness that the world does not revolve around them. They are responsible for their own actions.
4. They need parents that teach by example a love for reading.
5. An assurance that school is a safe place, and parents who will not leave them.
6. School is a "job".
7. Open communication between home and school.
8. A plan to get to school on time.
9. A public library card.
10. A pet to care for.
11. encouragement to try new things, the freedom to fail, and the opportunity to try again
12. Someone to welcome them home and listen to them. Really listen.
13. Help someone less fortunate.
14. Confidence to deal with bullies.
15. To be good at something or at least pretty good. To realize not everyone is the best at everything.
16. The gifts of being well fed, well rested, well mannered, medical care, child care and dental care.
17. Nothing to do but daydream at times.
18. Be loved unconditionally.
19. Spend more time with humans and less time with computers and video games.
20. School won't last forever, but learning is life long.

This is a wonderful list. They only thing I see missing is the right to a physically fit body.

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